Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 2 of Summer Vacation: Cleburne State Park

Sunday afternoon we visited Cleburne State Park for fun in the water and out! 
Best part is our kids played together and we all spent some time outside!

Cleburne State Park is situated around spring fed Cedar Lake.  It is a no wake lake and perfect for canoeing.

We took our last little puppy, Sugar Booger, with us for a little fun!

Danielle was diving for rocks. 

Texas Parks and Wildlife have created a nice little beach. 

We took Sugar out on the canoe and he loved it! I hope his future owners have a boat!

Leo loves the water!

Cole and John took some time out of the water for a little catch!

The kids were able to take the canoe out by themselves, but Leo was swimming ahead of them most of the time! (See the yellow dot?)  Yes, Leo makes me very nervous!!  I think he would have just swam across the lake if I would have let him!!

While the kids were having fun in the water, I grilled fajitas, peppers and onions.  Luckily, the burn ban had just been lifted, and a week later is back in place. 
After dinner, John took the kids out fishing in the canoe, while the puppy and I sat and watched the sunset as it glistened on the water!
To plan your own visit to Cleburne State Park,

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