Monday, March 28, 2011

Can You Come Outside to Play Challenge

I just love the Can You Outside to Play Challenge,

We are definitely going to take on the challenge!

Their blog offers some of their favorite ways to get outside in the spring.  I asked my kids to make their own list, as well.  Can you guess which ones my 3 year old chose? 

1.  Ride bikes

2. Play in sand, at the beach or otherwise

3. Fly kites

4. Throw rocks in the water

5. Watch butterflies

6. Skunk safari's late at night (if you aren't quiet, this can be an interesting cause and effect lesson!)
7. collect rocks
8. play in a small stream and chase little minnows
9. go on a monster hunt
10.  go fishing
11. play in the water hose (Spring can be very warm in Texas)
12. lay out at night and just watch the stars
13. feed the ducks (and turtles) at the park pond
14. go on a hike
15. catch tadpoles
16. collect wildflowers for art projects
17. watch for migratory birds, keeping track in our nature journals
18. sail little boats along the curb in or right after a rain
19. play frisbee
20. planting sunflowers and beans

21. finding (and eating) wild strawberries
22. laying on a blanket and reading
23. looking for animal tracks
24. campfires (telling stories and making hot dogs and smores!)
25. having a picnic
26. arrowhead hunting
27. skating
28. painting outside
29. catching and/or releasing ladybugs

30.  taking our dog(s) for a walk

That's our favorites... but there are so many more!!!


  1. Thank you so much for joining our challenge and for sharing your fun ideas. I think I need more info on the I think it could be its own blog post!

  2. number 6 is what I meant to say. Not sure why it didn't show up! :)

  3. LOL! We are going soon, and I will try to post. Pics are hard since it's at night, and the flash might scare them. You definitely do not want to scare a skunk when you are taking it's picture.