Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our New Pet Bugs

We adopted 9 new pets today!

Unfortunantly, one was eaten by the others. 

So now we have 8 Praying Mantises!

We only have one Leo.  Glad his siblings didn't eat him!
Can you see my walls in the background? 
I still haven't finished removing the wallpaper.  I just look at it and shrug my shoulders. 

We fed the mantises fruit flies.  I hope none escape, fruit fly or mantis.  

My lousy camera can't focus that closely on such a little bug, but this is what they look like...

Sorry, wrong picture.

I am taking 3 to my preschool classroom for my little guys to watch.

We are keeping 3 at home in a terrarium.

And we are letting 3, um 2, go in our garden!

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