Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 16 Nature Challenge #5 Live Green Expo

Our next Nature Challenge was the Live Green Expo in Plano. 
We have never been, and were really looking forward to going! 

The first mission was a fun activity to make designs on light sensitive paper.  

After exposing the paper to light, you then let it set in water. 

We then had to go visit a vendor who sold solar panels.  
My husband also sells solar panels. 
We didn't tell him that, we just took our stamp. 

The second mission was to make a pinwheel, 
and go watch the professional kite fliers! 

Leo taking a break! 

The third mission was to pledge different ways to save water. 
And write it on a wall. 
Danielle is a pro at writing on walls. 
It was funny to find a place where it was encouraged! 

I have no idea why Albert Einstein in on a tricycle. 
Perhaps they were trying to say "It's smart to cycle.". 

Danielle is teaching Leo. 
My walls at home can attest that he is a quick learner! 

The next mission was to take trash and put in the proper recepticle. 

Solar car races! 
It wasn't a Nature Challenge Mission, but it sure was fun! 

No, it's not Elsie. 
She was there promoting an organic yogurt. 
They gave us free samples. I don't remember the name. 

This was the plastic bag sculptures. 
It was our last mission. 
It encouraged not throwing away plastic bags. 
And offered creative ideas for them.  

While I was busy at the plastic bag sculptures, 
Leo climbed on a lawn mower. 
Glad the keys weren't in it! 

We had such a great time! 

Leo's favorite part was riding the shuttle buses! 

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