Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 4: Paint Brushes & Power Tools

Leo... short for Leonardo?? No.

See the toy drill behind him?
Paint Brushes and Power Tools.
What else would you expect?
He is definitely our child!

Danielle's Kite

Cole's Kite!

Leo's Kite!!!
(if you are my age, you will need to squint to see it)


  1. Love Kites. Found you through the "We play" link up. My kids haven't tried kites yet (they are all under 3), but thanks for the idea!

  2. Hi Julie! My Leo is 3, but I think he has always flown a kite. We even tied one on his stroller when he was a baby! These were big, clunky kites purchased from Costco, but we are going to make our own soon. I will try to post it! Thank You!!