Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 17: More kites, sorta, and go carts!

It is so windy here, we went outside to fly a mini kite Cole had received for his birthday! 
I loved the mini kites, but we only had one! 
(These pics were taken with my phone, kinda blurry)

Yesterday, we went to the Live Green Expo, 
which was all about living green.  
We watched professional kite fliers flying huge, expensive kites! 
We made a plastic bag sculpture, 
and got a list of creative things to do with plastic bags. 
This wasn't on the list! 
The kids loved it so much, the mini kite got laid down. 
Of course, the kids had to decorate their kites! 
Show offs! 

Then they decided to drive their go cart! 
Leo and I drew on the driveway with chalk. 

As I take this picture, I am saying a little prayer for their safety. 

Yes, that is John on the kids little dirt bike! 

Remember the movie "Space Balls". 
Look at that helmet! 

Yep, I'm a lucky girl! 

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