Sunday, May 15, 2011

Danielle Reads: Kenny and the Dragon by Tony DiTerlizzi

This would be my first time to do a book review on a blog but, anyway the most recent book I've been reading Kenny and the Dragon by Tony Diterlizzi. It was given to us from Cole's best friend, Nathan. He said it was either a very early or a very late birthday present.
This is some of the things they do and say in the book. It starts out when Kenny's father storms into the kitchen shouting that they have to move. His mom says why? He replys I saw one of them things in one of Kenny's books he thinks about what it might be when he can't find out he asks Kenny. It was a dragon Kenny goes up to see it when he finds out its friendly and named Gramhe. He becomes best friends.  But old pops possom and the king aren't as easy to convince, and Kenny has to find a way to save his new best friend!  
I like this story because of its edgacation as well as friendship.

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