Monday, May 16, 2011

The Day We Met Sid The Science Kid!

The Dallas Museum of Nature and Science had a special, members only event to meet Sid the Science Kid. 

Leo was so excited!  He loves the PBS show!
He ran up the steps to the museum!
He ran in and hugged the cardboard stand-up!

Then he screamed and screamed when Cole
and Danielle took him to meet Sid!  Figures! 

Sid the Science Kid Activities were all around the museum!
Don't know Sid?  Check him out!

They were also having a special presentation of
their "Fire and Ice" show!

Cole was chosen to go up on stage and assist Scientist Kyle.  
Cole is ALWAYS chosen as a volunteer, no matter where we go.
He burned a piece of magnesium, which emits a very bright light. 

Danielle was also chosen to volunteer! 
Scientist Kyle kept calling her "Spotty Girl".
They set fire to a balloon filled with hydrogen.
Can you see the fireball? 

Largest shark ever!

Digging for dino bones?
No, he was covering them up. 
He wouldn't say why.

Want more information on the Museum of Nature and Science? 

Outside the Museum lies the Leonhardt Lagoon, the Cotton Bowl, the Texas Star Ferris Wheel, Children's Aquarium, Dallas Music Hall, Planetarium and much more that makes up beautiful Fair Park!
Aren't the swan boats dreamy?

It was the kind of day to lay under a cypress tree, close your eyes,
and listen for Louis playing his trumpet. 


 The wonderful sculpture that lies in the lagoon.  Art and Exploration become one as children of all ages walk around and watch the large fish and turtles that make the lagoon their home. 
For some interesting information about the sculpture's origins,

I love Fair Park!
I adore all the old buildings that house the museums. 
Families were out having picnics, and riding bikes around the lake.
Dallas is building a "new" museum in Victory Plaza. 
How can you improve on this?

Feeding popcorn to the turtles and fish.
These huge alligator snapping turtles just come
right up out of the water to eat it!
Danielle was petting them!

The Museum of Natural History.

Lagoon with Texas Star in the background.

"Jumbo", the Mammoth Sculpture that sits outside
the Museum of Natural History.

We also visited the Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park. 
This is the Butterfly House.

Outisde in the garden.

Cole and Danielle at the Grand Aisle Fountain.

Danielle, my butterfly princess,
and the Butterfly House in the background.

Want to plan a trip to the Texas Discovery Gardens?

We completed Nature Challenges at both the Museum,
 and the Texas Discovery Gardens.

Fountains inside Fair Park!
Don't you love it?

Don't miss out on all the fantastic museums and events at Fair Park!

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