Friday, May 20, 2011

Dinosaurs Unleashed at the Fort Worth Zoo

Lions and Tigers and Dinosaurs, Oh My!!

Monday was one of those absolutely beautiful, cool springtime days that staying inside just isn't an option.  So we went to the Fort Worth Zoo.
The day doesn't have to be an absolutely beautful, cool springtime day for us to go to the zoo.  We have passes to the Fort Worth Zoo and go often.  We also have passes to the Dallas Zoo.  I really like passes.  

We had lunch inside MOLA, the Museum Of Living Art.  The crocodile cafe shares a window with the crocodile exhibit.  We had a large turtle on the opposite side of our table.  As fascinated as we were by him, you can't help but wonder what they are thinking......."those nachos look good". 

Dinosaurs Unleashed is the new exhibit running at the Fort Worth Zoo until sometime this July.  We have seen the exhibit before, but it's so much better outside.  And the Fort Worth Zoo has some beautiful backdrops for the dinosaurs.  The thing I like about Dinosaurs Unleashed is that all of the dinosaurs represented have had fossils found in Texas.   


 Referring to the birds, not the antagonist of Jurassic Park. 

The Stegosaurus

Texas (Pre-historic) Wild

Leo loves sand!

But the zoo sand apparently doesn't taste too good!

 "Leo, what did you do at the zoo today?  Did you see dinosaurs?"
 "I talked on the phone"

Baby T-Rex

I told them to try to look scared! Do they look scared to you?

Dimitrodon is, um, not a dinosaur....



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