Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nature Challenge #6: John Bunker Sands Wetlands & Mud Bug Festival

Such a beautiful and amazing place!  

Leo is ready to run! 

A beautiful Learning Center!

Leo loved Amber, a beautiful corn snake 
who lives at the Learning Center.  

There he goes! 

These are man made wetlands, to provide winter housing for migratory waterfowl, and as a holistic, natural way to clean water using aquatic vegetation such as this, from the Trinity River.  The water is then pumped back up to Lavon Lake, 91,000,000 gallons a day, to supply Dallas with SOME of it's water!

The boardwalk. 

Ducks, Snow Geese, Canadian Geese and even Bald Eagles 
call this home during the winter! 

Today was the 1st annual Mud Bug Festival!  
Sterling and Nathan Johnson had a small pool set up with crawfish for the kids to catch using nets! 

Danielle made a friend! 

 Leo found some toys crawfish to play around! 

Nathan took Cole and Danielle down to the water to try 
and catch some with a net.  

Working on their Nature Challenge! 

Even the face paintings have a crawfish theme! 

We stole away to this beautiful Pecan tree for a picnic lunch!
  It was a beautiful day with an amazing breeze! 

Crawfish Origami! 

The water sprinklers came on near where 
we were having our picnic! 
 Leo was trying to sneak up on them! 

Uh Oh! 

My view from my horizontal position, 
as we all laid down and rested for a little bit! 

Sterling and Nathan Johnson's book, Texas Crawdads.  
For more information, go to their web site,

 Cole and Danielle got them to sign their book, as well.
  It reads, " To Cole and Danielle Don't Get Pinched!"
Gotta love Crawdad humor! 

Boys will be boys! 
Cole and Leo found some L shaped sticks, and the Gun Fight at the O-K Corral was on! 
Leo portrays a wonderful death scene, I'm a proud momma! 

and bubbles! 
We never go anywhere without bubbles! 
Danielle even lets them blow out the car window while I'm driving. 
I always wonder what the cars behind us are thinking as dozens of bubbles come rushing past! 

The perfect ending to a perfect day! 
We saw this baby horse and his mother by 
the road as we were leaving.  
Happy Mother's Day, sweet girl! 

For more information on the John Bunker Sands Wetlands, visit
They are open to the public a few weekends each month.  

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