Monday, May 9, 2011

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Don't ask me for help, I can't hula hoop! 

The giant lite brite! 
What an amazing, age appropriate toy for a preschooler.  Unfortunantly, it is in one of the Imagination Stations, which are clearly labeled for 8-12 year olds.  But Leo can't read.

Can you read it?  L E O.  I helped Leo with the O, but it was squared, making a big rectangle.  He really didn't like it, and kept at it until he had rounded the corners!
I found an advantage for Leo having Danielle as a big sister.  While he was playing with the lite brite, a class came into the room on their field trip.  They were older than Cole, probably about 7th grade.  I don't understand why older kids have no respect for younger ones, but this girl walks up and starts taking apart Leo's name, as he is working on it! He immediately gets upset, who wouldn't, and tells her to stop!  When she ignores him, he repeats himself, only louder and in that very stern Leo voice, "I told you to stop!" 
 Well, she did! 

I love the Children's Museum. 
What I don't understand is how you are suppose to supervise your 8-12 year old in the Imagination Stations, while also supervising your 0-7 year old in the Children's Museum. 

And why is it inappropriate for an 8+ year old
to want to build train tracks? 

 Don't misunderstand, I love the museum. 
And it's the same at every museum,
different rooms for different ages. 
Which is the problem, not the solution. 
Instead of segregation by age, these learning centers should be teaching to respect others, regardless of age.

Love the animals!

Now for some puppy fun!

Our cat, NuNu, first observation of one of the puppies. 
 I can guess what she is thinking!


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