Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Girl Scout Power! Our Community Garden Adventure Begins!

Our Girl Scout Troop voted to rent a "box" at a local Community Garden, and grow food for the food pantry. 
A few weekends ago, we held a bake sale to earn money, and our Careers Try It, for the garden.
We visited Mansfield Nursery to purchase plants and seeds for the garden!

Danielle and a little tomato plant. 

Dillon helps us out to the car with all our new plants!

Vickie helped us pick out lots of great plants! 
 Thanks, Mansfield Nursery!

East Broad Outreach Center!
Here is our new "box"!
It doesn't look that big, until you start pulling weeds!

Lots of weeds!
Lots of possibilities!

Transformation from girl to gardener!

Emily brought us a plaque to dedicate our garden!

Danielle taking on a supervisory role - Not!!!
Get down and get your hands dirty!  

The girls were originally overwhelmed with all
that was needed to be done!
But they got in and got to work!

Moms and a Dad pitched in, too!

Loading the wheel barrow with organic soil!

Look at the difference!

We are growing girls!

We only had a little bit of newspaper to lay down between the old soil and the new.
As a science experiment, we are going to observe if fewer weeds grow on the side without newspaper. 
It's amazing all you can learn in a garden!

The girls then spread some hay on the ground, to serve as a weed barrier and aid in soil drainage!

Adding the new soil!

Planting bean seeds along the center. 

Tomatoes, Egg Plant, Okra and Cucumbers!

Look at these proud girls!

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